Body Type Specific Training and Nutrition Designed to Create A Shapely, Sexy, 

Bikini Body In As Little 

As 12 Weeks

Fully Supported Personalized Training 

& Nutrition Plans Specific To your Body Type With Ongoing Support To Create And Maintain 

Your Best Bikini Body!

Ask yourself what would it be like to:

  • No longer feel the need to cover up at the beach
  • To stop bouncing from fad diet to fad diet like a yo-yo
  • No Longer allow the scale to control how you feel each day
  • To go shopping and have fun because everything fits and looks amazing!
  • To feel the freedom and joy that comes from being fit and in control of your body
  • Be at peace with food because you are in control and have a plan  
  • To reduce and be rid of cellulite on your bum and thighs

“ I started using the Turnfit Bikini Body Elite Program on the Turnfit custom workout app in the summer and I find it really helps me track my progress every week by inputting the weight used and number of reps per exercise. I never used to keep track of the weight I was lifting so it was hard to know if I was progressing or not. Having my custom workout and nutrition program loaded on the app, which is right on my phone helped me stay motivated on those low energy days as I was in constant contact with my coaches David and Ben through the app. I also don't have to think about what exercises I’m going to do, I just turn the app on load up my specific workout for the day and the app shows me what exercises to do. If I am unsure about how to perform a listed exercise, they all have attached videos that explain the move and demonstrate how to do it correctly. Overall, the bikini body elite program and custom app have really boosted my training regime and gotten me the results I have always wanted . I would definitely recommend it!!"

Kelly  O.

Have You Struggled Endlessly To Create And Maintain The Shapely, Sexy Body You've Always Dreamed Of ? This Is The Solution You've Been Looking For.  

Let Turnfit help you flatten your tummy, lift your butt and tone your hips and thighs with our proven principles!

For a fraction of the cost of a Personal Trainer, you too can have access to the sustainable methods we use to get our clients the bikini body they have always wanted and KEEP IT, YEAR-ROUND.

When you sign up to Turnfits EXCLUSIVE coaching program, you are given the hands-on and personalized guidance that has been proven to work for hundreds of real women from all walks of life. No more being left to figure it out on your own!


  •  We only take on a handful of women at a time to ensure quality hands on coaching and motivation
  •  We design a sustainable training program SPECIFIC to your Body Type
  •  We design a sustainable training program that meets your schedules needs
  •  We design a sustainable nutrition plan SPECIFIC to your Body Type 
  •  We will be there every step of the way to answer YOUR questions and support YOUR journey.



Turnfit's customized Body Type Specific online training and nutrition programs are comprehensive and holistic in approach, and include the following services:

How It Works:

If you follow each step laid out in your custom program you will create your best body and a happier healthier you. That is our GUARANTEE

Body Type Specific Nutrition Program

Body Type Specific Training Program with Videos





An initial Phone, Facebook live or Skype consultation that will allow us to identify your specific body type, goals and any potential barriers to your success. 

A 12-week personalized training program specific to your body type based on your schedule and goals, loaded on our custom training app complete with how to videos.

A custom meal plan specific to your body type to maximize your results.

Access to the secret and exclusive members facebook group for added motivation and support from peers and live weekly Q and A sessions with your coaches

Weekly phone check-ins, text and email support to help you stay motivated

Bi Weekly Mindset and Motivational Videos designed to help you develop and cultivate motivation from within. 

Our Personal Emails For The Ultimate 24/7 Email Support & Guidance.

"I encourage every single woman to set a goal for them self and to go for it with the TurnFit Bikini Body Program. My goal was to do a Bikini competition and not only did I do it I came in 4th !  Today I feel healthier and more beautiful than ever, all because of this. I am grateful for having Coach Ben and Coach Dave of TurnFit to have pushed me to do this, without them I probably wouldn't have done it . They are great Coaches . I am very grateful to have met Dave and Ben and the TurnFit team."

Jacquie M.

Retail Person

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"The Turnfit Team has given me non stop support and fresh ideas that had helped me gain and enhance the fabulous results I have gotten..."

Courtney O.

"Turnfit coaches Ben and Dave not only got me great results with there custom training and nutritional programming, they inspired me to do my first bikini competition. I feel more confident and strong than ever before..."

No Gimmicks. Real People. Real Results!

Sally K.

Jacquie M.

" Turnfit coaches Ben and Dave introduced me to a whole new way of training and eating for my goals that got me the results I had been looking for . They also helped me cultivate a mindset that allowed me to compete in my first Bikini Competition. I would highly recommend these guys and I know I am going back for more ! "

Clare T.

"I came to Ben at my wits end having tried diet after diet with little to no success. Ben provided me with a refreshing new idea and so I had nothing to lose. In the first 7 weeks I lost 5 % body fat ! It has taken me a long time to become comfortable with my body and I still feel I have a long road ahead, however I feel this Turnfit program designed by Ben has provided me with the lifestyle changes and exercise program to make this a sustainable change. I am feeling much healthier which is probably the most important thing; the exercise program has provided a lot of variety and has definitely been a challenge, which as a former international soccer player I have needed."

"Put and end to your frustrations and endless search for a solution and feel the freedom and pure joy that you deserve !...

Let Turnfit help you change your life and find that happier, healthier you"


Bikini Body Coaches Ben( sleeve tattoo guy) and David have lived there lives doing their best to help people from all walks of life.

Ben is a Bikini Body Specialist Trainer, Certified Red Seal Chef and a Certified Professional Counselor. Due to the high stress environment of kitchens and the demanding psychological pressure of counselling Ben needed an outlet, and found fitness and nutrition to be his true passion as they combine all of the skills Ben has acquired in his educational endeavors, and personal and professional life. Ben now uses these skills to help women develop and cultivate a mindset motivated towards change and uses body type specific exercise and nutrition programming to achieve fast and long lasting results for his clients.

David is a Bikini Body Specialist Trainer strives for a happier, healthier life every day. He is committed to taking that energy and passion and helping others achieve their goals, just like he did for himself. David is a gifted speaker and motivational coach that will inspire you to stay on track with the body type specific training and nutritional program he creates just for you. 

Ben and David view health as related to the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self; which is why they do their best tackle each of these areas when they meet new clients.

 Ben and David are people who have made major life changes, and know the pain of feeling stuck, having low energy, excess weight and feeling unable to move forward.

We want to guide to the Happier Healthier You, that you DESERVE !


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